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Each of our products is made by hand and in a sigle copy

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Although a quality leather product is a wonderful gift by itself, adding a touch of customization turns it into an even better one. Whether you are looking to provide your company with elegant and unified corporate accessories, looking for personalized gifts for your loved ones, or just want to treat your self to unique leather goods, our custom branding option is the perfect way to go.

We can move your brand to the next level by equipping you with luxury merchandise

Great Products at Great Prices

Since our foundation, we've been crafting practical, modern, and stylish accessories at exceptional prices. Our mission is to make each of our customers happy by delivering quality leather goods that match their tastes and needs to the last stitch.

Here at MIRAMIL, we design and manufacture our products with the expectation that they will last for years and improve with age, like a good wine. No matter how complex and challenging it is, we are ready to meet and then exceed your expectations!

Why Us



MIRAMIL work with each client individually to create bespoke one-of-a-kind product that reflects their unique taste.


Top-Quality Leather

We want our work to last for generations, and therefore use only the highest quality materials.



We combine traditional techniques and modern manufacturing technologies to create exquisite yet durable pieces.

What Handmade Means to Us

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Workshop | September 28, 2018 

How to Make DIY Leather Notebook Cover

Over the last years, we've made thousands of notebook covers of all colors and shapes. Today, however, we won't be making any, because it's your turn to try yourself in leather craftsmanship with our help and advice...

Tips & Tricks | September 22, 2018 

Caring for Leather Handbags: 10 Tips & Tricks

Now, when you've become a proud owner of a new beautiful leather handbag, the important thing is to make sure that it will serve you for ages and retain its beauty. Even with meticulous care, leather will still age, but...

Workshop | September 15, 2018 

5 Ways to Give Leather
a Weathered Look

Of course, the obvious way to give your leather bag or jacket that cool vintage, worn look is to let time do its job. But you don't have to wait a few decades, as there are a few neat tricks that help achieve the same effect...

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